Are you ready for the New Normal?

Use our COVID-19 checklist to assess your readiness and reopen more safely. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing are the new Oxygen in the service industry. Do you have enough?

  • How often should you be cleaning and sanitizing?

  • What chemicals should you be using? Are there any regulations you need to adhere to?

  • Do your employees have WHMIS training? Do you know if they are required to have the training?

Your employees are your most valued assets. How are you keeping them safe and healthy?

  • Do you have adequate employee health and hygiene monitoring?

  • Are your employees trained in health and safety protocols?

  • Are they trained on the proper use of PPE?

  • Do they understand physical distancing of the workspaces?

Customers have a choice. Will they choose you?

Do you have adequate precautions and protocols in place to keep them safe?
  • How does physical distancing apply to your specific business?

  • For Residential Services: Housekeeping requirements have changed, are you or your service provider following the new requirements?

Not confident with your answers on our COVID-19 checklist? We can assist.

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